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The author, Gary S. Renfro lives in Mountain View, Arkansas. He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. He is 71 years old, retired. He is married with one daughter, two step children and six grand kids. "Tales from the White River Tributaries" is his second published writing following the successful offering of "The Summer of '66".

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If you are a guy who ever watched a hot lady in a tight skirt, jeans or hot pants walk away from you and dreamed about it for the next several hours, this book is about you. If you are a girl at the gym or ball park who couldn't take your eyes off the players tight uniforms or the workout dude's muscles, this book is about you. If you love rags to riches with quirky situations, this book is for you.

This book is about what everyone dreams about but no one gets to do it all. This book is about the sexual dreams of every boy or girl, man or woman but with many unsuspecting twists. This book is about Michael Johnson and if it was partly true, I would have changed my name a long time ago. Enjoy the read and keep a pencil handy as you will probably want to write notes in the margins.

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If you ever wanted to win against the fiercest competition, if you ever wanted to have the best friends there could be, if you ever wanted to be the best coach or teacher, then you should read this book. It makes no difference if you are 8 or 68, people want that moment in time where everything went right, the stars were aligned and only you could see and feel it happening. This story is about that happening to a 15 year boy who dreamed every day about being the best baseball player that ever lived. He, with the help of friends, three especially, had that dream come true. He accomplished more in one year than most people do in a lifetime and baseball was a large part. His accomplishments were well beyond his 15 year old beliefs, and they established the ground work for an incredible future. How can a kid have so much fun while developing lifelong relationships, developing the ground work for being a successful dad, a good coach, a successful business person and an all around happiness in life.

So if you like hook slides, homeruns, stories about being winners, a life time of positive attitudes, well buckle up and start reading. This book is about smiling, loving and as I have already said, being a winner. I have always said that if, I learn one thing every day and make someone smile, then that day was a success. Every person who reads this book will smile and hopefully learn a small thing or two. Sit back and enjoy and thanks for allowing me to share a little of my dreams with you. “Play Ball!”.

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“The Summer of ‘66” by Gary S. Renfro
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